Become a Reviewer

As a professional (applied) linguist, the International Journal of Language and Applied Linguistics  invites you to participate as a peer reviewer to expedite evaluation, selection and publication of qualified articles. Many authors require publication in a refereed journal for retention, promotion, tenure, or to get a better job. Reviewers work on a volunteer basis and review papers for each volume/issue.

If you accept this invitation, you will receive a reviewer certificate from the International Journal of Language and Applied Linguistics (IJLAL) to add to your biographical information. Periodically you will receive an email with instructions and potential papers. If you do not accept the paper within 72 hours, it will be assigned to another reviewer. If you accept, a completed review form must be submitted within 21 days, the earlier the better. Two of three reviewers must recommend publication. Names of authors will not be included in the paper you evaluate.

Please kindly submit your CV (resume) and questions at


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