Vol.1 No.2

Volume 1  Issue 2 

Editorial Note

Seyyed Mohammad Reza Amirian

A Syllabic Error Analysis of Young EFL Learners’ Spelling Tasks

Jafar Dorri Kafrani, Hadi Tat Hesari, Hossein Azizvakili & Azam Aghamohammadi
Pages: 1-6   |    Full PDF Paper

The Effect of Product/Process-Oriented Approach to Teaching and Learning Writing Skill on University Student Performances 

Taher Sarhady
Pages: 7-12   |    Full PDF Paper

Pronunciation or listening Enhancement: Two Birds with One Stone 

Saeideh Ahangari, Samira Rahbar & Saeideh Entezari Maleki
Pages: 13-19   |   Full PDF Paper

The Effect of Collaborative Peer- and Teacher-Scaffolding on Iranian EFL Learners’ Intentional and Incidental Grammar Learning 

Reza Taherkhani & Mohammad Hadi Mahmoodi
Pages: 20-27   |    Full PDF Paper

English Spelling Errors in Hindi Speaking Children  

Bornini Lahiri
Pages: 28-34   |    Full PDF Paper

Team Teaching in the University: Description of a Collaborative Experience between the Computer Engineering and the English Departments 

María Luisa Renau Renau
Pages: 35-41   |   Full PDF Paper

Arabic ESL Orthographic Errors in English: Production Difficulty in Comparison to Korean ESL Performance 

Robert J. Deacon
Pages: 42-48   |    Full PDF Paper

The Effect of Task Repetition and Consciousness-Raising on Iranian L2 learners’ Writing Performance  

Roya Pakbaz & Mohammad Javad Rezai
Pages: 49-57   |    Full PDF Paper

Teacher’s Difference and Iranian Students’ Vocabulary Achievement: Learning Together Model

Zohreh Adeli Jam
Pages: 58-64   |    Full PDF Paper


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