Vol. 1 No. 4

Volume 1    Issue 4


Editorial Note

Seyyed Mohammad Reza Amirian

Second Language Speaking: Speaking Ability or Language Proficiency?

Marzieh Souzandehfar
Pages: 1-13   |   Full PDF Paper

Critical Analysis and Teachers’ Perspectives on Prospect One (Iranian Junior High School

English Book)

Atiyeh Kamyabi Gol & Javad Baghaeeyan
Pages: 14-25   |   Full PDF Paper

The Effect of Using Drama on Iranian EFL Learners’ Task Response/Achievement and Cohesion and Coherence in the IELTS Writing Task

Nasrin Dehghan & Heidar Nosratzadeh
Pages: 26-30   |  Full PDF Paper

Comparative Study of Language Teachers’ Beliefs Concerning Learner Autonomy and Learners’ Self-assessment in Secondary School Context

Szőcs Krisztina
Pages: 31-38   |    Full PDF Paper

Variation in Hedging Across Psychology, Medicine and Chemical Engineering Research Articles AND Across Different Rhetorical Sections of the RAs  

Elham Hariri & Abbas Zare-ee
Pages: 39-46   |   Full PDF Paper

The Role of Noticing and Input Enhancement on the Acquisition of English Prepositions

Maryam Hassani, Maryam Azarnoosh & Jila Naeini
Pages: 47-52   |   Full PDF Paper

The Effect of Learning Strategies on Foreign Language Vocabulary Acquisition: A Case Study of Jordanian Eleventh Graders

Samer Mahmoud Al–Zoubi
Pages: 53-60   |    Full PDF Paper

A Survey on the Iranian Medicine Students Need Analysis  

Akram Hashemi & Zeinab Radmehr
Pages: 61-65   |    Full PDF Paper

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