Vol.1 Special Issue 2

Bilingual Education


Guest Editors’ Note

Mª Elena Gómez Parra & Cristina A. Huertas Abril

Big Data as a Tool for Linguistic Research: Approaches to Trends in Bilingualism in Ten Latin-American Countries

Adela González Fernández
Pages: 1-12   |   Full PDF Paper

Bilingual Education in Canada, North America and Europe

Elisa Pérez Gracia
Pages: 13-18   |    Full PDF Paper

‘You Express Your Emotions in the Way, in English’: A Stance-based Approach towards Code-Switching and Social Identity Construction

Hanan Ben Nafa
Pages: 19-29   |   Full PDF Paper

Soft CLIL in Infant Education Bilingual Contexts in Spain

Soraya García Esteban
Pages: 30-36   |    Full PDF Paper

Drama and Laugh to Improve Intercultural and Bilingual Education  

José Manuel Almodóvar Antequera
Pages: 37-44   |   Full PDF Paper


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