Vol. 2 Special issue on Translation Studies 2016

An Approach to the Concept of ‘Equivalence’ in the European Union Texts: Multilingualism,Translation and Official Language Versions
José María Castellano Martínez

Pages: 1-19 Full PDF Paper

Teaching H ow to Translate Proverbs and Idiomatic Expressions: German-Spanish

Ingrid Cobos López
Pages: 20-37  |  Full PDF Paper

Didactics of the Translation of Tourism Texts in English for Students of French (‘B’ Language): A Case Study
Concepción Mira Rueda
Pages: 38-51  |  Full PDF Paper

The Quality of DTS and UG Junctures in Translation. Iranian Senior EFL learners, A Case Study
Gholam-Reza Parvizi
Pages: 52-77  Full PDF Paper

Towards a new characterization of Translation Errors: From Pre-symptomatic to Post-symptomatic Errors
Miguel Tolosa Igualada
Pages: 78-93  |  Full PDF Paper

A Descriptive Study on the ‘Loss’ and ‘Gain’ inthe Process of Translating Idioms of Death of a Salesmaninto Persian
Mohammad Reza Zebardast
Pages: 94-110  |   Full PDF Paper

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