Khate Sefid

Khate Sefid English Educational Group was established in 2001 by a group of authors and educators in Iran. Their primary goal is increasing the Academic Levels of English language learning and preparing the English educational books and learning materials. Also, There is a sensitivity and high accuracy in academic and artistic affairs by its colleagues laboriously, experts and professional people. This group has been set by new and functional approach, ideas, opinions, and compassionate guidance of teachers and educators in all levels like Kids, Schools, English Institutes, Universities and International Tests in English language field throughout the country. Khate Sefid English Educational Group has published more than 150 works as a valuable compilation, dynamic and sustainable in the English language learning and teaching field as a specialist publisher. Now, Khate Sefid books are the only set in the field of English language as suitable books for teaching after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Education. It has been set in descriptive list of educational books that are suitable and related with Ministry of Education syllabus (Roshd Magazine). The other approved thing on their proud record is selecting this group as a premier educational publisher in the 27th Tehran International Book Fair in 2014. This group wants to attract creative and innovative ideas and authors compilation designs from around the world. Their ultimate goal is facilitating the part of quality in the learning process by effective steps in advancing the objectives of English language learning in Iran.


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